Life with Ophelia

This is my dog, Ophelia the Formosan Mountain Dog.  We’ve lived together for a little less than a month now, and we’re still getting to know each other.  I love her and think she’s awesome, but I think she’s still trying to figure out if I’m as crazy as I seem or if I’m cool.  I think she’s learning toward thinking I’m cool.

Here are some fun things Ophelia does.

  • When we go on a short walk, she can tell when I’m ready to head home, and she suddenly starts getting very interested in smelling any little thing.  It’s very obvious that she’s trying to drag it out!  I’ll be turning around to head back, and she’s like, “WAIT!  MOM!  I’ve got to smell this!” and then act obsessed with a weed.
  • Once when we were walking through the park, she tried to steal a kid’s tennis ball.  He’d left it sitting there, and his mom was yelling at him, “that dog is going to steal your ball.  You can’t leave your stuff like that.  Look, that dog is taking your ball.”  Of course, I wasn’t actually letting her take the ball, but with the mom going on and on like that, the kid started crying, which upset Ophelia, so we got out of there ASAP.  Hopefully that child learned the lesson that you can’t leave stuff unattended in the middle of LA.
  • Ophelia is a champion chicken bone spotter.  I think she should become a forensic dog or something.  One night, she stole a piece of chicken from a homeless guy who was asleep on the sidewalk.  I was mortified, and after the walk, I went back to take the guy some money, but he was gone.  The next day, I saw the chicken remains and was glad to see it had mostly been bone and it had probably been laying on the sidewalk because he’d discarded it.
  • Ophelia is a chomper.  When she gets excited, she does this weird thing with her mouth that I can only describe as chomping.  This might freak out some people who would think that she’s trying to bite them, but it’s actually a very good sign if she chomps at you, as it means she thinks you’re awesome and would like to play with you.  Chompity-chomp-chomp.

2 thoughts on “Life with Ophelia

  1. HI,

    Thanks for posting your pic s of Ophelia. She looks almost identical to my rescue dog Graciela. How do you know she is a Formosan? I am considering DNA test but hear that they can be skewed also. Wondering if you know Ophelia’s heritage or if you did DNA testing…?

    Gracies’ mom

    • We did do a DNA test, but I don’t think any of them can you tell you much about Formosan heritage because they don’t have enough samples of known Formosans. When we did Ophelia’s she came up 50% mixed breed Asian. Since she’s actually from Taiwan, and was a street dog there before she was rescued, and also because she has the classic Formosan “look,” we just assume she’s partly if not mostly FMD!

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