Four Things About Ophelia

Ophelia loves playing with her ball.

Yesterday marked four months of awesomeness with Ophelia.  In honor of that, I present four lists of four things about Ophelia.

Four Things Ophelia Likes

  1. Watching the toilet flush – she waits outside the bathroom and then I open the door for her and she rushes in to watch
  2. Hot dogs
  3. Sleeping deep in the closet, behind the laundry hamper
  4. “Burying” her treasures (bones, toys, balls) in my bed

Four Things Ophelia Hates

  1. Pugs
  2. Running and/or screaming children
  3. Fruit
  4. Getting a bath

Four Tricks Ophelia Can Do

  1. Shake
  2. High five
  3. Wave bye-bye
  4. Play dead

Four Favorite Ophelia Moments

  1. She used to hate my friend Ali (cause he’s a guy, and she’s afraid of men), but he took her for an hour-long walk, just the two of them, and now she loves him so much that she sometimes just sits there gazing at him longingly when he comes over.
  2. Ophelia likes to chase squirrels and will even try to climb trees to do so.  I don’t know how she did it, but once she managed to jump/climb about two feet up a tree – but she still didn’t even get close to catching a squirrel.
  3. The first time Ophelia met her cousin Harvey (my brother’s dog), who is a big goofy dog probably about twice her size, they “argued” over turkey and she scared him so much that he wet himself and now whenever he sees her, he turns around and runs the other way.
  4. We were working with the trainer outside at twilight and the trainer and I were talking about something.  We noticed that Ophelia was gazing intently up at the sky, and we both looked up at the same moment and saw that she was staring at the moon.

4 thoughts on “Four Things About Ophelia

    • Turkey Grandpa would have been on the list of Ophelia's Four Favorite People, but I didn't want anyone to have hurt feelings if they didn't make the list. 🙂

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I came across your blog researching Formosan Mountain Dogs because I’m looking into adopting one. I’ve read that these dogs don’t have a shedding problem, can you confirm? Thanks!

    • Hi Wendy, it can be true, yes, but that is true of 100% pure Formosan Mountain Dogs. It’s very rare to find a pure-bred FMD, though. My Ophelia is a lab mix, and she has the usual lab shedding pattern. Now that it’s fall and she’s shedding her summer coat, I’m vacuuming nearly daily just to keep up, in addition to brushing her. There are many, many wonderful things about having a FMD, but if you have allergies or other reasons to want a non-shedding dog, you would want to know what the dog you’re looking at is mixed with.

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