Ophelia, Before and After

I’ve been reading about Batman the Awesome Wheelchair Dog going to his new family.  He, like my dog Ophelia, is a Formosan Mountain Dog who came from Taiwan.  He broke his spine and lost the use of his back legs when he was hit by a car.  The driver left him for dead and he dragged himself into an alley until some people came by and helped him.  I don’t know for sure, because I’ve heard different versions of the story from different people, but I believe Ophelia was also hit by a car.  Compared to Batman, Ophelia was much luckier – she broke her femur and has a metal plate in her bone now, but she does great, and you’d never know.

Being with Ophelia every day, I don’t notice how far she’s come until I think back to what she was like when I first got her.  I will warn you, the image below is sort of graphic if you’re a dog lover.  Maybe it’s just because I’m her mom, that picture of poor Ophelia with her ribs sticking out and her tail between her legs and her ears in an unhappy, scared position just breaks my heart.


Poor Ophelia.  (BTW, anyone read Chinese?  I’d love to know what the caption says.)  But even though looking at that makes me really sad, I’m less sad when I think of how far she’s come.  She’s just the coolest, smartest, most awesome dog I’ve ever met (okay, maybe I’m biased).  She may have lived on the street and gone through terrible stuff before, but now she sleeps in bed with me, gets cheese on her kibble, and lounges about when she’s not busy chasing a ball or her Squirrelly.  So I will leave you with a happier picture of Ophelia now – this was taken when we were visiting my parents’ house at the holidays.  Isn’t that quite a difference in a year and a half?

ophelia on the bed

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  1. This is the badly beaten small black dog that emergency animal rescue team in Kaohsiung (southern most city in Taiwan) rescued.

    Happy to see another FMD on the internet!

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